Brandable Sold Domains (10)

Brandable Domain Sales Report

 Brandable sales analysis reprot with backed up proof. (Brandbucket Newsletter Pro)   Beneficiaries: The report will be useful to anyone in the field of domain name branding. Motivation behind this report. Okay, let me ask you this question: Have you ever been in a relationship and was repeatedly deprived and starved from the “cookie”? Well […]

Brandable Marketplace Namerific Updates

What has Namerific been up to? Namerific, a marketplace that sells cool company names has launched a new and improved design for it’s website recently. The updated design brings updated, modern, and fresh look to the marketplace. The design looks attractive and also it would help customers to find the business names that they are […]

How To Use Brandbucket Sold Domain List

Uses of Brandbucket Sold Domain List Let’s first highlight reasons why brandbucket sold domain list could be of some value to you as a branding agency or a domain investor: At the time of writing this post, brandbucket has about 40,000+ listed domains which consists of members submitted brandable domains. This listings generates an average […]

Brandable Domains On Namerific

Namerific Brandable Domain Marketplace Brandbucket I know, Brandroot I know but who is Namerific? Namerific is a popular brandable marketplace where you can find cool company names to buy as well domain investors could sell their brandable domains through Namerific. Recently, Namerific has introduced various features and improvements in the past couple of months to […]

Wholesale market of Brandbucket sold domains

To gain a deeper insight in the wholesale and retail price of brandbucket’s brandable domains we will use namebio sales data to accomplish this task. We simply command namebio sales data and ask it to show itself where brandbucket sold domain exits. Guess what? The command was obeyed and the table bellow was produced.   […]

Brandbucket Daily Sales Analysis:,

Another series of brandbucket daily sales analysis. The intention for this article is to gain a deeper insights on brandable domain market. Today we will highlighting the sales of two unique domains . [table id=10 /] Lets now dive into more facts about  the domain forebrain Note the following: Registration Date: 1999-01-23 Month of Sale:  2016-05 […]

Brandbucket Daily Sales Analysis:

This is the second series of brandbucket daily sales analysis. The intention for this article is to gain a deeper insights on brandable domain market. Today we shall be looking deeply at sale of one domain. Note: was previously owned by M.K the managing director of brandbucket and was sold over to which seems […]

Brandroot sold domains

Brandroot sold domains Brandroot is another brandable domain marketplace that is doing well in the brandable domain name industry. Brandroot is widely becoming an alternative to  Brandbucket marketplace. Over the past years Brandroot has being doing their best to compete with Brandbucket and so far I can see their efforts are gradually coming into effect. It’s […]

List of Michael Krell Brandbucket Sold Domains

Looking for the list of the actual domains that Brandbuckets managing director has sold? Someone recently asked for the list of the actual domains that Brandbucket’s brand ambassador has sold but because Brandbucket brand ambassador don’t sell a lot compared to Michael Krell the managing director so I have decided to create a table below with […]

Debate On Privacy Of Branabale Sold Domains

Dnbolt has a very clever algorithm that aggregates sales data from brandable domain name marketplace such as BB.  In the past were weren’t so accurate but now were are more accurate as the list are constantly updated and re-verified via numerous approach. However not all are pleased with the work but we believe sharing is caring and […]