Sellers Tip (3)

5 Ways to sell a Brandable Domain Name

Selling Brandable Domains They are many ways to sell a Brandable domain and today I will be discussing the 5 top ways. Using Brandable Domain Marketplaces Using Generic Domain Name Marketplaces Custom made domain store backed up with Startup news blog Custom Domain Store + Generic Domain Name Marketplace (pro way) Using a Domain Broker […]

What you should know whilst listing your domain with Brandbucket

A recent thread on namepros stated that BrandBucket Drives $2.4 Million in Brandable Domain Name Sales in 2015. Don’t get too excited, without doing any maths to work out how much profit brandbucket gained or the sellers, let us be more realistic.  First you must know that  any marketplaces on the web that allows sellers […]

Who Are Brandbucket Buyers?

Who are Brandbucket buyers?  If you are planning to start you own brandable domain name marketplace of some sort or already own a brandable domain market place then this will be one of the questions you should be asking. There are some reasons why you may decide to do this and they could be the following: […]