How To Use Brandbucket Sold Domain List

Uses of Brandbucket Sold Domain List

Let’s first highlight reasons why brandbucket sold domain list could be of some value to you as a branding agency or a domain investor:

Brandbucket Sold Domain

At the time of writing this post, brandbucket has about 40,000+ listed domains which consists of members submitted brandable domains. This listings generates an average of 80+ sales per month.

So, what does this mean?  It means over $500,000+ was spent for domain acquisition cost. Over $600,000+ was spent for both logo design including review/editing time. We can easily see that this easily racks over $1 million dollars for operational cost. But hey, brandbucket makes users share part of this cost. All this for the sake of producing an average of 80+ domains sales per month.  The conversion rate is  as low as 0.2%. You can see that it’s really an expensive business to run and that lots of work has gone into it.

What exactly am I trying to get at? Let me put it this way, do you believe in buyer’s trends? If no, then I apologize and suggest you leave otherwise continue reading. Everything in this world is closely governed by some set of unique patterns, right? Name them, how the earth revolves  around the sun, what video listings you’re most likely to watch, set of actions to take in order to make you love partner very happy? 😉

Look, the list goes on and on. Now let’s cut to the chase, with brandbucket sales data and other sets of data combination you can almost craft out a blue print of what sells and what wouldn’t sell.  Essentially you mean using brandbucket sales data as an additional power source to enhance one’s own intelligence in the branding space? absolutely, free of charge while it last. Pretty much explains why the company prefers to keep the list private?

Is this fair? A lot of time and money has been spent to understand what buyers wants especially in the brandables space, so why make this list easily accessible? It is made easily accessible because all the current technology you’re enjoying today is as result of someone else efforts, period.

Are there more possibilities? Sure, there are an endless list of possibilities it just depends on how creative you can get, in other words one is only limited by his or her own imagination.

Below is a little analysis that was carried on a past sold domain, hopefully it will enlighten you on various possibilities.

[table id=2 /]

More important facts about this sold domain:

banauba history


What did you notice?

[table id=3 /]

[table id=5 /]

For a more advanced analysis you can read here.



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