Brandable Marketplace Namerific Updates

What has Namerific been up to?


Namerific, a marketplace that sells cool company names has launched a new and improved design for it’s website recently. The updated design brings updated, modern, and fresh look to the marketplace.

The design looks attractive and also it would help customers to find the business names that they are looking for easily and ultimately hope to make more sales. The site loads faster and also new categories such as Featured domains names, Short domain names and New domain names have been added on the home page. Also, the design is responsive on mobile and tablet devices as Namerific receives large portion of it’s 50,000 visitors per month through mobile/tablets as well.

Along with the home page, the inner pages of the marketplace has also been improved. The namerific domain sales page too has been greatly modified to help customers purchase the domain of their choice easily. The potential buyers can now “favorite” the domains they like while browsing it’s inventory of around 5500 domain names. Also entrepreneurs and startup’s looking for business names can share the domains they like for their brand on social platforms such as facebook, twitter and get valuable and insightful thoughts from business partner’s/friends.

Also a new feature i.e. landing pages for domains is in beta phase of launching for the Namerific memebers. The landing page for domains looks attractive and will benefit in getting interest for domains. Through the help of landing pages, Namerific plans to gain more exposure for the domains and generate interest from the potential buyers. The landing page for the domains in Namerific can be used for such domains that didn’t get approved and had been rejected. Here is a sample of how the landing page looks like:

Along with the new concept of landing page, there are current plans to do active outbound marketing in the form of emails and advertisements to sell the domains that are listed in Namerific. (The domains that are forwarding to Namerific sales page are only eligible for this campaign at the moment). Through the outbound email campaign, they will be reaching to potential end user’s/startups/business and will be reaching to potential customers by carrying out extensive research as well from it’s large data of  potential clients.

Also, to wrap things up, here are some brandable domain names that have sold this month: $899, $1599 , $1250, $1599, $1599,$999, $2399, $1699, $2499.

So, with the new design and the addition of new and exciting features, the brandable domain marketplace, Namerific is hoping for more sales as well good relationship with it’s older as well newer members in the coming days.

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