Brandable Domain Sales Report

 Brandable sales analysis reprot with backed up proof.

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The report will be useful to anyone in the field of domain name branding.

Motivation behind this report.

Okay, let me ask you this question: Have you ever been in a relationship and was repeatedly deprived and starved from the “cookie”?

Well our aim here is not to solve that exact problem but a simialr one.

This report was carefully prepared by Fuadiansyah  a humble user on namepros (Chief Analyst) .

Yes the report do have few uncompleted sales (3-5) but trust me it wouldn’t ruin our report one bit, after all nothing is perfect in this world. We can only work towards perfection.

You may now dive in. Enjoy.


Disclamier: There might be few uncompleted sales.


This information is JUST the info I was looking for. Thank you very much for taking your valuable time and gathering all of this info and thank you even more for sharing this info! Really great stuff here!

Hey Bolt,

I really like your detailed list of names sold and all of the data in the columns to the right of each domain. The graph is very cool as well.
I wonder if you could add a couple columns though. Not sure if you have the stats on these couple items.
1) How many of these appeared on what page of BB? (Page 1, 2, 3, etc.)
2) How many were BB staff sales as opposed to just regular domainer sellers sales stats.

These would be great stats to have to show if there is fairness to all of BB sellers or not. Everyone can decide if they want to list full portfolios on there or not based on actual fair sales stats. Figure 100 domains @ $10 each = $1000 in BB’s pockets. With the huge amount of sales reported lately, Its a great price if they are promoting all domains equally.

As for your graph, like I said, very cool. But as I am looking I am seeing more brandable domains that should be in the “made up” category. These types of domains…

I don’t actually see a true word in these types of domains and these were in the word+suffix column. I believe these would be “made up” Maybe I missed something here, not sure.

So I see you separated everything into 3 types (word+suffix, made up, & 2 words). I wonder if you could even break these down a little more specifically. I see a few other categories of these that could be added if you wanted to add these.

I see the prefix+word brandable domains in this list

I see the “missing letter” brandable domains in this list

Then I see the “extra letter” domains in this list

I see a lot of these last 2 category (missing letter and extra letter) domains getting sold on the forum for very cheap firesale type prices so I am guessing these are very rarely sold. I think I only own one myself of the extra letter.

If you ever need help at all, I would help you in breaking these down into extra categories if you ever wanted. I think for everyone who is really intrigued by this niche, every extra detail of info we can find is truly helpful.

Thanks again for all the info you have provided so far. Really provides some good insight into this brandable market.

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