Wholesale market of Brandbucket sold domains

To gain a deeper insight in the wholesale and retail price of brandbucket’s brandable domains we will use namebio sales data to accomplish this task. We simply command namebio sales data and ask it to show itself where brandbucket sold domain exits. Guess what? The command was obeyed and the table bellow was produced.



From the table below we can determine the following:

1.which wholesale marketplace proves to more fruitful

2. The wholesale price vs retail price

3. How much ROI/Loss was made

4. Many more..

It is important to note that domain might have changed hands multiple times before finally selling on brandbucket. I have also notice something doesn’t not corresponds with Brandbucket and Uniregistry.  Only recent sales were included.

* The actual sales price of brandbucket domains could vary up to 5%.

[table id=27 /]



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