Brandbucket Daily Sales Analysis:

This is the second series of brandbucket daily sales analysis. The intention for this article is to gain a deeper insights on brandable domain market. Today we shall be looking deeply at sale of one domain.

Note: was previously owned by M.K the managing director of brandbucket and was sold over to which seems to be a digital media company. Seems a perfect match for them. The transfer seems pretty fast due to the fact that it was probably transferred using a Godaddy push service.

DomainPriceSold Date$1,4952016-05$3,5952016-05

Lets now dive into more facts about  the domain storyrocket

Note the following:

Registration Date:  2006-01-09

Month of Sale:  2016-05

Domain Length:  11 Characters

Domain Historybrandbucket domains

Exactly year ago this domain was added to added to brandbucket’s inventory and in about a year time the domain sold.  Interestingly enough the domain seems to have no drops since 2006.

Other Extensions : No other top Tlds extensions has been taken.

Google Popularity:  On Google first page results it has some  similar mentions and also with an exact image match.

Social Handles:  The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handle has already been taking.

Dictionary Keywords:  Story, Tory, Rock and  Rocket.

Keyword contained in Brandbucket Sold List:  STO, TOR,  ROC, OCK

For keyword STO Let’s look into some further analysis:

About 9  branbucket sold found  containing keyword “STO” and below  are some of the domains:  Currently used as a coffee brand but funnily enough brandbucket suggested that it’s possibles uses was: A design firm or blog. A manufacturing company. A writer community.  This domain seems to have sold for around $1999  Currently used by company located in Canada that specialise in manufacturing of unique natural stone products. However, brandbucket suggested the possible uses to be: An industrial cleaning product. A opinion or feedback application. A food or beverage name. A name of a toy. A marketing firm. A music or video mobile application. A game.
Hmm they were almost close. This domain seems to have been sold for around $820. Currently in use by a company called which seems to have created an engagement tool for CRM. This domain was sold again by honourable M.K less than a month ago for about $2,795

For keyword TOR Let’s look into some further analysis:

About 10  branbucket sold found  containing keyword “TOR” and below  are some of the domains: One of my favourite, its used by a start-up that offers a write up editing services you can watch their video here. It looks like the company used to operate under but upgraded to a brandable domain name. Now this gives us a a clue on how we can make an out reach to potential buyers.  Brandbucket mentioned it’s possible uses were to be A production studio. An editing service. A publishing house. A software program. This time they were spot on. The domain was sold at $1,675 around late last year.

For keyword ROC Let’s look into some further analysis:

About 10  branbucket sold found  containing keyword “ROC” and below  are some of the domains: : Currently owned by it’s parent site called and at the time of writing this post it looks like it’s still in private beta mode. It’s current exact use is still unknown so can’t comment much about it. Probably it should interest you that it sold for around $3,395 : It looks like an upcoming web hosting company. But brandbucket mentioned it’s possibles uses to be: An aeronautics business. A sports brand. A beverage brand. An app. A consulting firm. A motivational brand. So I guess there were a bit off. : It looks like and upcoming mlm marketing company of some sort. Brandbucket mentioned it’s possible uses to be A marketing firm. An athletic scouting firm. A software development firm. A consulting firm.  Yep there were correct this time.

Other fact’s is that from the keyword “OCK”  I saw that domain seems to have sold for around $2820 on brandbucket and now listed for sale for $28,995 on Uniregistry. I will be interested to seem if the domain actually sales.

Similar end user domain currently in use: 

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