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Brandbucket and Brandroot Sales Review

Brandbucket Sales Review With Brandroot Once again let’s analyse Brandbucket sales data to discover patterns but this time with Brandroot sales data and the domains of the 1,100 start-ups that have been funded by Y Combinator. This could enable us see which trends are real and true everywhere. Disclosure: All analysis that were carried out […]

Brandable domain marketplace

Selling Brandable Domains As of today there are numerous brandable domain marketplaces and  even growing at this very moment. Many of the domains listed are not brands that bussinesses would ever use. In fact some of the domains listed by indivudal sellers are only supercharging the marketplace in question and will NEVER sale even in 20 […]

Did Brandroot Get Hacked?

On Tuesday 23/05/2016 Brandroot a well know Brandable domain marketplace witnessed another hacking attempts and this time it affected majority of their users. It was reported on namepros forum that members received numerous series of emails which exposed some of their personal information.  It has become apparent that Brandroot did experience a serious security breach which […]

Brandroot sold domains

Brandroot sold domains Brandroot is another brandable domain marketplace that is doing well in the brandable domain name industry. Brandroot is widely becoming an alternative to  Brandbucket marketplace. Over the past years Brandroot has being doing their best to compete with Brandbucket and so far I can see their efforts are gradually coming into effect. It’s […]