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Selling Brandable Domains

As of today there are numerous brandable domain marketplaces and  even growing at this very moment. Many of the domains listed are not brands that bussinesses would ever use. In fact some of the domains listed by indivudal sellers are only supercharging the marketplace in question and will NEVER sale even in 20 years time.

Brandable domain marketplaceThis image above is a visual representation of how some brandable  domain marketplace operates.  Why would you submit a brandable domain name that can generate enquiries via type-ins traffic to sites like brandbucket? It’s time we take full control and let no marketplaces  dictate to us what we can or can’t do. Thankfully Efty a Software as a service provider gives us that control. I see Efty like a Shopify solution but with a twist as Shopify was built for the e-commerce ecosystem (those of a us familiar with Shopify).

It’s a good idea to evaluate the traffic of a particular domains and if they have a nice search or type in traffic then it would be sensible to turn that into something useful by using efty solution or any suitable solutions. No longer would one remain stuck with exclusive marketplaces simply because they offer a beautiful landing page because Efty has spent close to $10,000  for UI designs alone which means they too also have a beautiful landing page.

In the other hand sales statistics from other brandable domain marketplaces could really help  boost ROI if those data are used and applied correctly.

( Credits to Brandbucket and Brandroot for those data)

Finding out what brandable domain sales could really be an expensive experiment to conduct by oneself. But  example with brandbucket there are over 30,000 domains listed  which in total costs over $300,000. So I take it that over $300,000 worth of domains has been spent for us to simply learn what sells.

Discover more ways to sale a brandable domain here . Whilst being in full control and not allowing any marketplace to dictate to us  there are some few handy negotiation skills that are worth considering and implementing which can be read here.

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