List of Michael Krell Brandbucket Sold Domains

Looking for the list of the actual domains that Brandbuckets managing director has sold?

Someone recently asked for the list of the actual domains that Brandbucket’s brand ambassador has sold but because Brandbucket brand ambassador don’t sell a lot compared to Michael Krell the managing director so I have decided to create a table below with Michael Krell brandbucket sold domains for March 2016.

One thing you must know is I can’t promise that the list is 100% accurate due to many factors involved during processing the list but neither the less it should give you a good idea on his strategy and that sort of names he goes after and perhaps his success might inspire you too.

Looking at the registration date you can’t see that his turn over rate is pretty awesome.

Michael Krell Brandbucket Sold Domains

Domain NameListed Sale PricePlatformReg Date$2,395brandbucket14/06/2015$1,495brandbucket08/05/2014$2,395brandbucket13/10/2000$2,395brandbucket05/05/2015$1,695brandbucket18/11/2015$2,995brandbucket30/10/2015$1,295brandbucket26/10/2014$1,195brandbucket17/05/2014$2,395brandbucket05/10/2010$2,495brandbucket01/09/2015$1,995brandbucket24/01/2013$3,295brandbucket29/10/2001$1,795brandbucket20/01/2013$2,495brandbucket03/07/2015$2,495brandbucket24/01/2008$3,995brandbucket02/06/2014$1,995brandbucket17/07/2015$2,195brandbucket24/06/2014$2,195brandbucket27/09/2006
Michael Krell Brandbucket Sold Domains March 2016

Give me a full list of other brandbucket sold domains 2016


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