Brandable Domain Name Investing

What is a Brandable domain name or what makes a Domain Brandable? This question can be addressed by understanding the true meaning of brandable domain names.  So without trying to re-invent the wheel I pull out a great definition from a reference site  It states: “many people have different ideas about what is and makes […]

Who Are Brandbucket Buyers?

Who are Brandbucket buyers?  If you are planning to start you own brandable domain name marketplace of some sort or already own a brandable domain market place then this will be one of the questions you should be asking. There are some reasons why you may decide to do this and they could be the following: […]

How To Profit From Brandable Sold Domain List

Take Home Message: There’s a lot you can do with the data if you know how to use them. Continue reading to find out how. Today we shall take our studies from the following bellow. For Brandbucket updated list of sold domains click here. More important facts about this sold domain: What did you notice?  […]

Debate On Privacy Of Branabale Sold Domains

Dnbolt has a very clever algorithm that aggregates sales data from brandable domain name marketplace such as BB.  In the past were weren’t so accurate but now were are more accurate as the list are constantly updated and re-verified via numerous approach. However not all are pleased with the work but we believe sharing is caring and […]