Brandable Domains On Namerific

Brandbucket I know, Brandroot I know but who is Namerific? Namerific is a popular brandable marketplace where you can find cool company names to buy as well domain investors could sell their brandable domains through Namerific. Recently, Namerific has introduced various features and improvements in the past couple of months to keep in pace with […]

Brandbucket and Brandroot Sales Review

Once again let’s analyse Brandbucket sales data to discover patterns but this time with Brandroot sales data and the domains of the 1,100 start-ups that have been funded by Y Combinator. This could enable us see which trends are real and true everywhere. Disclosure: All analysis that were carried out on this post was done […]

Wholesale market of Brandbucket sold domains

To gain a deeper insight in the wholesale and retail price of brandbucket’s brandable domains we will use namebio sales data to accomplish this task. We simply command namebio sales data and ask it to show itself where brandbucket sold domain exits. Guess what? The command was obeyed and the table bellow was produced.   […]

Namebio Expired Domain Name Sales History

As a domain investor, we need clean and updated data which will enable us make wise business decisions. It’s important for us to keep up to date with new trends and do our own homework and not to rely completely on data provided by 3rd parties. We should train our minds to be very analytical […]

Brandbucket July 2016 Sales Review

Brandbucket had about ~80 sales for the month of July 2016 which is about ~11% decrease compared to the previous month June 2016. Top sellers are sellers that have sold more 1 domain within the same month. ~50 sellers out of ~1,000 sellers contributed towards the July 2016 sales. There are about 9 top sellers compared to June 2016 were […]

Brandbucket June 2016 Sales Review

The month of June 2016 has been a pretty good month for some brandbucket sellers and by a careful observation below one can see that normal sellers outperformed the managing director. Brandbucket had about ~90 sales for the month of June 2016 which is about 12.5% increase from the last sales we saw for May 2016.  ~50 sellers […]

Getting Paid $10 To List Your Brandable Domain

On April 8 2016 I wrote a post explaining what a new brandable domain marketplace could do to favour it’s users more. One of things I mentioned was for a competing marketplace to pay it users to get their domains listed instead of the other way round. Interestingly enough after approximately  3 months a brandable marketplace […]

Brandable domain marketplace

As of today there are now numerous brandable domain marketplaces and still growing at this very moment and most domains listed on those marketplaces are targeted for end users. Also we know that most brandable domain marketplaces do not work for everyone. In fact some of the domains  submitted by domain investors are simply supercharging that […]

Did Michael Krell sale 19 domains for May 2016?

Did Michael Krell sale 19 domains for May 2016? Dnbolt detected about 80+ domains that sold on brandbucket and about 19 of them were by sold by Krell. This means about 25% of brandbucket sales for May 2016 were by made my Krell? How is it possible to maintain such consistency over several months? Could […]

Did Brandroot Get Hacked?

On Tuesday 23/05/2016 Brandroot a well know Brandable domain marketplace witnessed another hacking attempts and this time it affected majority of their users. It was reported on namepros forum that members received numerous series of emails which exposed some of their personal information.  It has become apparent that Brandroot did experience a serious security breach which […]