Namebio Expired Domain Name Sales History

As a domain investor, we need clean and updated data which will enable us make wise business decisions. It’s important for us to keep up to date with new trends and do our own homework and not to rely completely on data provided by 3rd parties. We should train our minds to be very analytical and to find ways to break man made boundaries. Success is created twice, in the mind and in the physical.

Enough of my ranting. The purpose of this post is to share my discoveries to the passionate domain investing community. I assigned myself a task which was to find ALL Sold Domains from the begin of time which are now available to re-register. Was this task successfully completed? Affirmative!

The purpose of the exercise was to:

a.)  Find any available and valuable dropped domains that recently sold on the marketplaces

b.) Share with the community

c.) Explore endless possibilities

Note: The names listed are not all guaranteed to still be available for registration after the original date of this post.

Here is the list (please enjoy)


[table id=26 /]


Guys, it’s actually obvious. Most of these domains were bought because of their high SEO value (e.g. had a lot of incoming links). For the great majority of cases, these domains lose their value sooner rather than later, thus are not being renewed. It has nothing to do with their string value.

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