Brandbucket June 2016 Sales Review

The month of June 2016 has been a pretty good month for some brandbucket sellers and by a careful observation below one can see that normal sellers outperformed the managing director.

[table id=12 /]

Brandbucket had about ~90 sales for the month of June 2016 which is about 12.5% increase from the last sales we saw for May 2016.  ~50 sellers out of ~1,000 sellers contributed towards the June 2016 sales. Out of ~50 sellers there are about 15 top sellers and it would really be interesting to showcase the domains sold by these top sellers so that we can :

  1.  Know if the sales report are real or fake
  2. Know if there exits any repeating buyers across the top 15 sellers
  3. Build customer profile
  4.  Know how many domains a seller must have on Brandbucket to stand a chance of getting sales
  5. Is there any correlation with registration dates.
  6. Gather more intelligence to improve our domain investing strategy
  7.  Monitor your competitor
  8. Use to find out the initial acquisition cost of the sold domains
  9. Use to find out the great marketplaces to acquire great domains
  10. Others..

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to answer questions 1 – 9  for you but I can easily provide the data to enable you conduct your own research.

[table id=16 /]

[table id=18 /]

We can easily notice from the table that the user “deanima” and ” Abdullah Abdullah”  has good  domain acquiring tactics because of their faster ROI

All June Sales:

[table id=20 /]

What Brandbucket has to say about June 2016 Sales:

June Sales

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, we had more individual sales in the month of June than in any other month this year. The average sales price for a keyword brandable was $2700 and the average sales price of an invented brandable was $3055. We are also happy to say that 20 sellers experienced their first sale on BrandBucket in June. We hope that this will be the first of many to come!

Brandbucket Domains

Brandbucket Domains

Top Searches

‘Tech’ was the most searched for term in the month of June with ‘Drone’ gaining more popularity. The outlier was definitely ‘Honey’ which broke into the top 10 for the month.




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