Did Michael Krell sale 19 domains for May 2016?

Did Michael Krell sale 19 domains for May 2016?

Dnbolt detected about 80+ domains that sold on brandbucket and about 19 of them were by sold by Krell. This means about 25% of brandbucket sales for May 2016 were by made my Krell? How is it possible to maintain such consistency over several months? Could this be true?

[table id=11 /]

As you can see a table of Michelle krell supposed sold domains for May 2016 has been attached. It is made available for anyone interested to investigate further. If true, how can we combine our exiting strategy with his?

Do all buyers come to brandbucket to buy his domain? Does he conduct any outbounds? Does he have a special client list? Many question to be asked and a lot to discover. Because statistically speaking if a random buyer comes to brandbucket to buy a domain and all domains are great then will the chances of a customer buying Krells brandable domain be very high or should the chances be evenly distributed?

Note: Example we can see shabshai.com  are using  realmoment.com for some upgrade related so,  for intelligence purpose why did they upgrade?, how did they found out about the domain and much more.

For his March 2016 sales can be found here


Those who plod along with their heads in the clouds will do so forever. Those who wake up and smell the coffee will leave the platform if these stats are again verified.

It’s not for everyone, the platform helps a select few and the rest are paying to support them.

I really wonder if he has to pay the sale listing fee and sales commission as everyone else? I avoid the BB platform all together, because it makes no sense at all after all of the fees are taken out.

Honestly, I also wonder if he has ability to give his own domains special placement on the site, to increase sales through? Everyone knows that if you pay for a higher listing on Flippa, you’ll get more sales and higher bids. I’m sure the same is true for a marketplace like BB.

Also – very interesting to see the reg date for the domains. Most appear aged, and were probably not hand regs.

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