Getting Paid $10 To List Your Brandable Domain

On April 8 2016 I wrote a post explaining what a new brandable domain marketplace could do to favour it’s users more. One of things I mentioned was for a competing marketplace to pay it users to get their domains listed instead of the other way round.

Interestingly enough after approximately  3 months a brandable marketplace called emerged.


Here are some of the pros:

  1. They pay you $10 for every brandable domain submitted
  2. They charge 10% commission fee for every successful sale.
  3. Your allowed to submit your domains on other marketplaces

To prevent abuse of the $10 payout your domain are required to be listed with them for a minimum of 3 months. But  the question is since a user is allowed to list domains on  other marketplaces there could be a possibility that a listed domain might sale elsewhere before the 3 months period and hence needs to be taken down from

It would be interesting to see how  copes with this scenario or if this would be classified as an exception. For this to work they need to have a significant amount of sales in a reasonable time frame.

I don’t have much facts about the cons of using wantmybrand but on this blog post you will be able to gain a better insight about the marketplace.

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